This is not another average 5K - no crowds, no lines, no frantic dash at the start of the clock, no clock at all even! Just a chance to participate in a global movement to end mental health stigmas.

Join people from around the world by completing 3.12 miles whenever, wherever, and however you want. Take a walk with your family, bike it with a group of friends, or even knock out your own 5K on the treadmill!

So run, walk, swim, skip, or roll your way to 5K, share your progress, and help us spread awareness to put an end to mental health stigmas.


What is a virtual 5K?

A virtual 5K is different from a traditional 5K because it is more flexible and adaptable for you! It doesn't have a specific location, route, or start time. It allows you to start the 5K on your schedule, at your own pace, and wherever you'd like to do it. Virtual 5Ks can be done outside, inside, or even at home, making them ideal for unpredictable weather conditions. While you're encouraged to do your best, virtual 5Ks are not a race against the clock or other participants. Individuals and groups can participate through any kind of movement, such as running, biking, rolling, or swimming.

That’s a great cause! When is the virtual 5K?

Anytime you'd like!  Seriously, whenever you can fit it it.  Can't do it all at once? No worries, this is your 5K so make it happen whenever you can, you busy bee.

How can I participate?

However you want! Here are some examples:

  • By yourself at your own pace
  • With a group of people, such as friends, family, a church or school group, coworkers, or a group of community members
  • On a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or other exercise equipment
  • Swim in the pool, a lake, or even the ocean (HINT: an Olympic size pool is 50m in length, so 100 lengths would equal 5K!)
  • Cycle or go for a bike ride
  • Run, Walk, Jog, Hike, Sprint, Skip or Frolic (we don’t judge)
  • Move and explore your city! Who says a 5K can't include stopping for brunch?
  • Anything else you can think of!

I don’t want to do anything physical, so how else can I participate?

    There are plenty of ways to engage!

  • Grab some pom-poms and cheer on your friends who are participating!

  • Provide water or energizing snacks

  • Host a party to celebrate those who complete the 5K challenge

  • Spread the word! Share your pictures and posts through social media

  • Share your story and open up the conversation to discuss mental health

  • Become an advocate for eliminating mental health stigma by completing the NoStigmas Advocacy Training


Okay, that’s cool, but how does it work?

It’s fairly simple - complete a 5K, however and wherever you want, at any time and share your results with us! We’ll share your accomplishments and dedication to our cause!

What can I get for participating?

Participants who donate to the virtual 5K will receive a medal with an awesome design to show off their accomplishments. Wear your medal with pride and let everyone know you’re an advocate for mental health and #NoStigmas. There is also an option to purchase t-shirts for you and your friends to wear while you complete the 5K.  Just fill out this form!

Sounds great! Do I have to sign up?

Signing up is completely optional.  Of course, you're welcome to sign up and connect with other participants in your community and across the world, but if a non-public event is more your speed, that's totally cool too!  However, if you do want some sweet NoStigmas swag, you can sign up and make a donation or fundraise.

Sounds easy enough! Why is NoStigmas hosting this virtual 5K?

The mission of NoStigmas is to build a network of inspired individuals with a common goal of eliminating mental health stigmas. This virtual 5K presents an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to connect on a national level in a united effort to end negative stigmas. The goal is to spread awareness about the prevalence of mental illness and the presence of stigmas in our society. By participating in this 5K, you’ll be joining a cause dedicated to advocating for individuals with mental illness and creating a world with #NoStigmas. 

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