Peer-to-peer, community-within-community support networks built by and for those whose lives are affected by mental illness and suicide. We are steadfast in eliminating the stigmas surrounding mental health & supporting the creation of peer support mental health communities everywhere. 


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THE NOSTIGMAS ALLY PROGRAM joins you into a community to give and receive mental health support.

  • Ally Training Course

  • Peer Group & Events

  • New weekly content

  • Awareness tools and fundraising page

  • Giveaways and member perks

  • Drawings for gear & gift certificates


Our Core Values

By becoming a part of the community, you agree to uphold our core values of personal responsibility, community and advocacy. 

  • Every person has a responsibility for their own mental health.

  • No one should feel alone in their mental health journey.

  • A person is not defined by their diagnosis and should be treated as an individual.

  • It's important to speak up when you need support or see someone who does.

  • Non-stigmatizing, respectful language is essential in communicating about mental health.

  • Everyone deserves equal access to the care they need.


NoStigmas is mental health your way. Together, we are eliminating the days of silence, solitude and stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide; we are building a
world where mental health is everywhere, everyday health.


We provide online and offline platforms for you to be yourself regarding mental health. No matter where you’re at in your mental health journey, there’s a spot here for you.

By connecting to NoStigmas, you become educated and empowered to find support, share your voice,  plan local activities and participate in global activism.

We are here to cultivate the go-to, perpetually growing network of mental health communities. Together with you, we're both eliminating stigma & building a world where nobody has to face mental illness and suicide alone.

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