It’s almost here! The NoStigmas Virtual 5K is quickly approaching, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to get active and move toward ending mental health stigma. While you’ve been preparing to participate in the 5K, we developed a list of essential items and helpful tips to help you be ready to go when Father’s Day Weekend rolls around!

The Essentials

The “OK” From Your Doctor! - Before you start any kind of training, it’s important to check with your doctor to make sure you’re fit and healthy for the level of activity you’d like to participate in. Give your doc a quick ring or stop in for a check-up.

Water It’s known as the essence of life for a reason. Stay hydrated by carrying a bottle of water with you while you train and complete the 5K.

Healthy Snacks Prepare your body to go the distance by giving it the fuel it needs. Junk food can slow you down, so choose healthier options like fruits, nuts, nutrition bars, or trail mix for quick energy.

Proper Attire Clothes aren’t just for making a fashion statement! It’s important to dress appropriately for the weather in your area, especially if you’re experiencing a never-ending winter season. So dress in layers and bring extra clothing to keep your head, core, and extremities warm if necessary. Try to find breathable or dry-fit materials that won’t absorb your sweat and weigh you down. Wear shoes that are appropriate for your activity and also comfortable. If you want to look amazing and show off your support for our cause with some NoStigmas gear, click here to order shirts for you and your friends!

Music Grab your headphones and go! Music can improve your mood while setting the pace for your steps with the beat. Build a playlist to keep you going on your 5K!

Activity Trackers Keep track of your distance and progress through step-counters, GPS devices, activity bands, and heart rate monitors. While these tools aren’t necessary, they may be helpful for monitoring overall health.  We’re encouraging all participants to download to upload their 5K progress! This website and mobile application is free, easy to use, and will allow us to connect with participants across the globe and share everyone’s success on an international level. Create an account and start connecting today!


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