What does a NoStigmas event or activation look like? YOU!

Just like your mental health journey, your mental health mission is unique.  At NoStigmas, we like to foster a “choose your own adventure” approach to advocacy.  That means you get to bring your voice to your action and decide exactly what you want to say!

Want help customizing your action? We’d be happy to get creative with you!

Here are some examples of what people just like you are doing:

  • Join Team NoStigmas for your walk, race or any other event

  • Bryan tended the NoStigmas Garden and blogged about it

  • Lauren held a benefit concert for NoStigmas at her high school

  • Tracy shares her favorite books and quotes for the NoStigmas Project

  • Logan participated in a 21-day self care challenge & filmed it all

  • Thousands have shared an I Have #NoStigmas selfie

Maximize Your Impact!

Every fundraising page created, every shirt worn at an event, and every individual you tell about NoStigmas helps raise awareness to ensure that no one faces mental illness alone.

The Power of Your Participation:

The more money we raise, the more people that know about our mission, the more we can help and inspire people!

Every time you wear your NoStigmas gear,

Every person you tell about your goals,

Every participant you recruit,

Every dollar you raise,MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

With NoStigmas you have the opportunity to choose how you want to participate. We'll provide you with the tools and support needed to have fun and be successful. Join Team NoStigmas for any event, any sport, anywhere. There's no limit to what you can do!

Steph ran a  series of 5 races  to raise  awareness and funds for NoStigmas!

Steph ran a series of 5 races to raise
awareness and funds for NoStigmas!

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