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Mental Health Your Way

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Our Community

Our Community

Our Community

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Jacob Moore

Founder & CEO

Erica Packer

Program Manager


Amanda Ingo

Executive Director

Kate Summers

Communications Coordinator

Tracy Lingwai

Opperations Manager

Ti Dillard

Social Media Strategist

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Board of Directors

U.S. Board of Directors

Board of Directors

U.S. Board of Directors


Jacob Moore

Jake is a film maker and founder of NoStigmas mental health support community. As a suicide loss survivor, he speaks and writes on the topics of mental wellness, suicide prevention, stigmas, peer mentorship, holistic health, and the business of starting a nonprofit. He splits his time between Chicago and Los Angeles.. Learn more about Jake.


Ray Folkins

Ray Folkins is the Founder and CEO of NoStigmas Canada. He attended Dalhouse University in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he obtained his MBA in Entrepreneurship, International Business and Leadrship. He also performed his Postdoctoral Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and obtained a BSc Mathematics and Computer Science from Dalhousie University. He is an Ex-officio Board Member of NoStigmas USA.


Anthony Hammes

Anthony has been with NoStigmas since the very beginning. As a founding Board Member, he has served in several roles over the years. Currently, he serves as Board Vice President.


Michael Slovitt

Michael joined NoStigmas in 2010. He has been integral to securing funding for NoStigmas programming and building the Ally Program. As a suicide loss survivor, he is impassioned about ensuring that no one faces suicide-related issues alone.

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Wellness Council


NoStigmas Wellness Council

Wellness Council


NoStigmas Wellness Council

NoStigmas Wellness Council is a collaborative of wellness professionals with expertise related to mental health.  This diverse team may consist of mental health professionals, physicians, nutritionists, fitness experts and holistic practitioners whose purpose is to discover mental wellness best-practices for our constituents.

Council Members

Dr. Michelle Heyland, DNP, APN, PMHNP-BC

Michelle Heyland, MSN, APN, PMHNP-BC, is a board certified Family Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practioner. She sees individuals with mental illness at a community mental health agency and is faculty at Rush University’s College of Nursing in the Community, Systems, and Mental Health Nursing Department. She has experience in research and has presented at national conferences particularly on emergency department diversion for individuals in mental health crisis. She is also pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at Rush University.

Sara Buxton, LCPC

Sara Buxton is the Director of the Center for Behavioral Medicine and Sport Psychology in Chicago. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Sport Psychology Consultant in the State of Illinois. She specializes in health and sport psychology helping individuals- in athletics, career, or life in general- enhance performance and improve their overall well-being. Her goal is to help individuals achieve their most challenging barriers, overcome set backs, and transition into the life they enjoy. A former athlete herself, she believes active and healthy living hold healing powers for positive self growth and life experience.


Sarah Farwick is the Program Director of two Adult Intensive Treatment Units at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital. As the Program Director, her duties include providing evidence based practice programming, implementing customer service initiatives and developing performance improvement projects. Ms. Farwick obtained her BSN and MSN from Indiana University, specializing as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Ms. Farwick has experience in adult and child psychiatric nursing. She is a member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, NAMI and is certified in CPI. She is passionate about participating in community projects and events that bring awareness to and eliminate the stigmas of mental illness. 

Jennifer Frankel

With over 15 years teaching group fitness classes and personal training, Jennifer has long been a devoted fan and instructor of Yoga since attending her first class in college. Certified by Suddha Weixler at The Chicago Yoga Center, Jennifer teaches to all levels - from beginner to advanced - helping students progress and grow in mind and body with each pose. Jennifer is registered with the Yoga Alliance, and also certified through the American Council on Exercise and Healthy Moms. She has over 2000 hours teaching experience with all populations, including senior, perinatal, and people with metabolic disorders and autoimmune diseases including diabetes and cancer. She holds a BS from Boston University.

About the Council


The mission of NoStigmas is to raise awareness and erase the stigmas about suicide and mental illness by sharing stories of hope & inspiration, educating the general public about mental health, and helping those affected by mental illness.

The Wellness Advisory Council is a collaborative of health and wellness professionals whose purpose is to utilize their expertise and knowledge of wellness best practices to advise the Board of Directors in the development of effective and ethical programs for the NoStigmas community. Wellness Advisory Council Members serve and support our mission by providing their professional expertise, knowledge of constituent perspectives, and connections to resources, organizations, colleagues or peers. The Advisory Council has no governing function within the organization.


• Provide important professional expertise based on specific area of practice

• Stay informed about latest trends and empirical evidence related to mental health and wellness practices

• Utilize professional networks to increase support of and raise awareness of NoStigmas

• Stay informed about the plans, activities and needs of the organization


Wellness Advisory Council Members are expected to attend a minimum of four meetings each year as well as occasional special events and gatherings. Council Members are requested to serve on at least one committee, i.e. events, community outreach, peer support development, etc.  Additionally, there will be regular communications and occasional votes by email or telephone, and it is expected that members respond within 24 business hours whenever possible. It is anticipated that this appointment will require approximately 10 volunteer hours per month.


Interested parties should submit a professional resume and brief cover letter outlining his or her wellness methodology to

Our Partners

Our Partners

Our Partners

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