Bookshelf Series

By Tracy L.

By Tracy L.

I am a collector of words. I started off in junior high collecting quotes in a spiral notebook I decorated in magazine clippings. I loved sharing these quotes with others, my letters, cards, school projects, they all incorporated a quote in some way or another. As an avid reader, I have also created quite a collection of books over the years. My bookshelves include a variety of fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, and in the past few years a plethora of self help or personal development titles.

All these books are full of underlined or referenced material, lines and passages that spoke to me as I read them. At the end of a book I go through and reread my notations and transfer the passages to my notebook. In a way, this book of quotes is almost like my personal diary, although the words are not mine, their meanings belong to me and tell a story.

There is something powerful about connecting with the written word. Resonating with someone else’s thoughts always gave me a sense of peace, like I was not alone, that someone else in the world knew the songs of my soul without ever meeting me. Reading became a part of my therapy, a coping and learning tool to help me through depression. These feelings and connections inspired me to create the Bookshelf Series. I hope you too find inspiration and connection with the words I share.  

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