8 Online Resources to Help You Take Charge of Your Mental Health


Technology is great, isn’t it? There are all kinds of helpful resources out there that are just a few clicks away. Those wanting to lose weight can search for healthy recipes to get started. Those who want to start their own business can look up guides on where to begin. Even those who are looking to improve their mental health can find services online to help jumpstart their journeys.

Online counseling services are helpful tools available to you whenever you need them. You can trust that everything will remain confidential and that someone will be there for you. Here are some of the top resources to help you get started. Each offers unique features that might fit your specific needs.


1. Grace Tree

With Grace Tree, you can speak with a professional through email, direct chat or over the phone. It all depends on what you are most comfortable with. There will always be someone available to talk with you through whichever medium you prefer, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


2. Breakthrough

Breakthrough is a great option for those who prefer to do a little shopping and scheduling before making a commitment. You can search available therapists by filters such as location and insurance plan, message potential “candidates” to see if they are right for you and set up an appointment with the therapist of your choice. From there, all you need to do is log in at your scheduled time, and your session will begin right on time.


3. Talkspace

Talkspace is simple: click the link, type your question into the box in the middle of the screen and you will be connected with a therapist. Getting started is a step-by-step, guided process. Right away, someone will be there to walk you through how it all works. You will be matched to a therapist, select the therapy plan that’s right for you and get started right away. You can send as many messages as you want, anywhere, anytime.


4. 7 Cups of Tea

This virtual service is not only free, but also offers you an instantaneous connection with a “listener”—someone who is trained to listen to what you have to say and guide you through your thought process. There are also opportunities for you to enter a group support chat or select a specific listener from a list. 7 Cups of Tea also offers free resources for self-care.


5. BetterHelp

BetterHelp understands that a lot of face-to-face counseling services are expensive and inaccessible. They set out to provide affordable, reliable care for you. It works like a chat room, only accessible to you and your counselor. You can log in and type out your thoughts and questions no matter the time of day, from anywhere, and they will get back to you. You can even complete a seven-day free trial, so you can try out the service and see if you are comfortable with it before making any financial commitments.


6. Proven Therapy

Proven Therapy believes online counseling can work for anyone. You have the option of going through a free consultation before you choose your therapist and start your sessions. From there, you can choose to either pay by minute or by session. You are in complete control of which therapist you work with and how much you work with them. There are also user forums, where you can post questions for free.


7. Theravive

Theravive gives you plenty of options if you are interested in trying ecounseling from your home. You can chat with a therapist through email or online messaging, talk with them on the phone or through video chat using your webcam. It is completely up to you, and the therapist you choose will work with you based on your preferences.


8. Improving Lives Counseling Services

This ecounseling service offers sessions through online video chat, so if you are comfortable with that method, this option is perfect for you. All you have to do is select the therapist you want to work with and request a date and time you would like to “meet” with them. Once you pay, you’ll get an email that confirms your appointment and gives you all the instructions you will need. Appointments are available Monday through Saturday, whichever time is most convenient for you, so all appointments will always fit into your schedule no matter what.


We all need someone to talk to, both when things are going well and when they aren’t. Don’t be afraid to click a few of these links and explore what their services can do for you. See what’s out there. It’s an amazing first step. You can do it!

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