According to Medlineplus Dictionary, yoga is “a system of physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation derived from Yoga, but often practiced independently especially in Western cultures to promote bodily or mental control and well-being.” It is considered a mind-body type of alternative therapy. There are many styles of yoga, but the most common style is hatha yoga. Medlineplus Dictionary defines hatha yoga as the “ form of yoga emphasizing a system of physical postures for balancing, stretching, and strengthening the body.” It is a good choice for stress management. Beginners may like the hatha yoga for it’s slower pace and easier movements. Yogahas two main components: poses (also known as postures) and breathing. These postures are designed to increase strength and flexibility. They range from lying on the floor to difficult postures such as “Handstand”. Pregnant women, and people with medical conditions should modify, or avoid certain poses. Breathing is also an essential part of yoga as well. Yoga instructors teaches yoga students how to control their breathing. The instructors instill the notion that control breathing leads to control over mind and body.
Practicing yoga comes with health benefits as well. Numerous studies have established that yoga can help with stress reduction, mood enhancement, and an overall sensation of well-being. Practicing yoga can lead to improvement in fitness. This includes improving balance, flexibility, range of motion, and strength. It is also helpful in complementary to conventional treatment of mental disorders. Yoga can help alleviate mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse disorder such as alcoholism. In fact, yoga can reduce reactions to the events that prompt symptoms of conversion disorder. Yoga Nidra is a relaxation and meditative form of yoga. It has been used as an adjunctive treatment for Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Before beginning yoga, There are some precautions that should be taken. A health care provider or local hospital or any trusted source can recommend a yoga practitioner. Only use professional organizations to find practitioners who have completed an acceptable training program. For your safety, report any alternative therapy such as yoga to your health provider. Do not use yoga as a replacement for conventional treatment since it is the most useful conjoined with conventional treatment.

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