Question: What's something someone has done to help you through a tough time? Skye: There would be times when my best friend knew I was going through an episode and she would just let me go through it. And that was sometimes the best thing for me.


- We all have a responsibility for our own mental health.

- A person is not defined by their diagnosis and should be treated as an individual.

- No one should feel alone in their mental health journey.

- It’s important to speak up when you need support or see someone who does.

- It’s essential to use non-stigmatizing, respectful language when communicating about mental illness and suicide.

- Everyone deserves equal access to the care they need.


We believe everyone can and should take responsibility for their own mental health. Your wellness journey is your own, and it has unique steps that only you can recognize and choose to take. Self-care is an essential part of your own health and your ability to advocate for yourself and others.

While you alone can take steps toward wellness, we also believe that none of us should have to experience that journey alone. That’s why we foster a community dedicated to supporting each other in an environment of acceptance and equality. Our individual journeys are unique, and we are whole people with rich identities beyond a diagnosis. We believe in speaking up when we see someone in need of support, and not being afraid to ask for that support ourselves.

Advocacy can also happen in a world outside our own community. As both a community and individuals, we're able to take action that promotes mental health equality and suicide prevention. This includes raising awareness about mental health, advocating for the use of non-stigmatized language, promoting access to mental health treatment, and generally taking a stand to further the cause of mental health awareness.

By living these core values, we strive to make our community full of empowered NoStigmas Advocates!

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