So, you wanna record your own slo-mo confetti balloon pop for the #Rebirthday celebration? Great! Check out the how-to information below. And don’t forget to post it on social media with your date and #Rebirthday.

  • You'll need the following materials:

    • a regular sized balloon

    • paper confetti (hole punches work)

    • a funnel or rolled up a piece of paper

    • a stick pin or tack

    • sharpie

    • phone or camera capable of slo-mo

  • Fill the balloon with about 1/4 cup of confetti

  • Blow up the balloon, being careful not to breathe in the confetti! (the more inflated, the easier to pop) and tie it off

  • Write your date and #Rebirthday on the balloon so that you can see both without needing to rotate the balloon

  • Hold the balloon by the tied portion next to your face and smile big

  • Ask a friend to record in slo-mo so that the your face and the balloon nearly fills the video frame (keep smiling)

  • Use the other hand (or ask a friend) to use the pin the pop the balloon (say cheese)

  • The confetti will fly and you'll likely have some in your hands, so play and have fun

  • Trim the video to start just before the pop and just after the celebration

  • Post on your favorite social media channels with a bit of your story and #Rebirthday

We’d also love to see your video and possibly feature it on our social media, so be sure to tag @NoStigmas so we can repost and share!

Thanks for being part of the NoStigmas community. We’re glad you’re here!

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