NoStigmas is a global non-profit movement utilizing Peer-2-Peer connections to promote mental wellness and prevent suicide. Our unique individual approach provides education, support systems and access to mental health resources at no cost. We empower a community of mental wellness through inspiring events, dynamic public speakers and stories of hope.


The mission of NoStigmas is to raise awareness and erase the stigmas about suicide and mental illness by educating the general public about mental health, helping those affected by mental illness, and sharing inspiring stories of hope. We aim to aid the growth of this understanding and foster a community environment in which individuals with mental illness are able seek treatment with the support of those near to them. We understand that this general shift in thinking regarding mental health begins with a change of perspective on the individual level. Our methodology is to recruit and educate individuals, known as Stigma Erasers, who become advocates for understanding through their day-to-day interactions. We aim to further break down stereotypes by means of a public forum called The NoStigmas Project, in which Stigma Erasers share their stories of hope and recovery in order to promote understanding and inspire those who are struggling to find their own path of healing.


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NoStigmas began in 2007 as a grassroots movement to unify those touched by suicide & mental illness with the common knowledge that they are not alone and to change the public’s generally negative perception of those touched by suicide & mental illness.

In 2011, NoStigmas received 501(c)(3) Public Charity status from the IRS and continues to uphold the rigorous standards set by GuideStar.  2012 brought about significant growth and the launch of the NoStigmas Center. At that time, we also began development of our Peer-2-Peer Mentorship program, which matches an individual with lived experiences to another currently experiencing a similar set of circumstances.


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Jacob Moore, U.S. Founder

Ray Folkins, Canadian Founder

Anthony Hammes, Vice-President


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Michael Slovitt, Director

Maria Trakas, Director

Michael Trammell, Director

Michelle Heyland, MSN, APN, PMHNP-BC, Chair of the Wellness Advisory Council


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Stephanie Saia, LPC, CADC

Sarah Farwick, CPI

Sara Buxton, MA, LPC

The Wellness Advisory Council is a collaborative of wellness professionals with expertise related to mental health.  This diverse team may consist of mental health professionals, physicians, nutritionists, fitness experts, and holistic practitioners whose purpose is to discover mental wellness best-practices for our constituents.

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NoStigmas is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2007 by actor and public speaker, Jacob Moore. The mission of NoStigmas is to raise awareness and erase the stigmas about suicide and mental illness by sharing stories of hope & inspiration, educating the general public about mental health, and helping those affected by mental illness.

The Wellness Advisory Council is a collaborative of health and wellness professionals whose purpose is to utilize their expertise and knowledge of wellness best practices to advise the Board of Directors in the development of effective and ethical programs for the NoStigmas community. Wellness Advisory Council Members serve and support our mission by providing their professional expertise, knowledge of constituent perspectives, and connections to resources, organizations, colleagues or peers. The Advisory Council has no governing function within the organization.


• Provide important professional expertise based on specific area of practice

• Stay informed about latest trends and empirical evidence related to mental health and wellness practices

• Utilize professional networks to increase support of and raise awareness of NoStigmas

• Stay informed about the plans, activities and needs of the organization


Wellness Advisory Council Members are expected to attend a minimum of four meetings each year as well as occasional special events and gatherings. Council Members are requested to serve on at least one committee, i.e. events, community outreach, peer support development, etc.  Additionally, there will be regular communications and occasional votes by email or telephone, and it is expected that members respond within 24 business hours whenever possible. It is anticipated that this appointment will require approximately 10 volunteer hours per month.


Interested parties should submit a professional resume and brief cover letter outlining his or her wellness methodology to


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