Whenever we start to feel discouraged,
Thinking we can't pull through,
Thinking we will never overcome this,
Thinking nothing will ever change,
Thinking we are just too far gone,
Think we are worthless or the one to blame,
Thinking we do not deserve to live on,
Thinking there is no way out,
Thinking all these negative things,
Instead we need to think positive,
We can and will pull through,
We can and will get better,
We can and will stay motivated,
We can and will always find a way,
We are never too far gone, anything is possible,
We can and will love ourselves enough to know our own self-worth,
We deserve to live,
We can't focus on the negative,
That only stops us from improving ourselves,
Making it hard to let go and move on,
We can and will get through anything,
We can and will reverse the negative thoughts into a positive view


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