I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and anorexia way back when I was 17, and a few years later I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. My life has been a combination of chaos, emotional pain, wisdom, intense motivation, success and joy.

The inconsistency is so hard. I've attempted suicide on so many occasions, had liver failure and been in coma. Why won't my body allow me to die. Over the past three years I've been sectioned on four occasions because of my eating disorder and suicidality. Two years ago, following a six month hospital admission I couldn't leave the house because of overwhelming panic. I got a camera and this slowly got me outside.

Photography has been a life saver and I'm so passionate about it. It's wonderful to be creative and have something I'm getting success from. I've just been accepted to study for a degree in Photography. My anorexia is still bad and I still want to die, whilst at the same time I want to live.

Original Poem: Iā€™m Reaching Out Tonight (Think Back from the Edge)

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