i have dealt with depression for damn near all my life always being a loner not caring to have many friends and sit in a dark room and listen to music.. this is true even now but as a survivor of multiple suicide and self harm going on 5 years sober and still fighting the good fight. I’m also a amateur mma fighter he helps keep my mind clam and sharp the skills i learned have helped me over come self esteem problems and helped me deal with ptsd.. my coach says im his hero and says i help keep him motivated i love him as my brother.. having bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders its like a constant battle with my own mind im strong by the love of my wife and children they are my life and gave me the strength to over come my addictions and stay focused on my road to recovery.. in this journey i have spread my story across my state and helped inspire hope and help end stigmas that may be placed in there heads about people with mental illnesses and substance abuse.. i am a husband a father and a marine and above all i am not my diagnoses and i have a voice and it will be heard    

Submitted by - Louis Nagle (coachnagle@gmail.com)


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