Speaking our truth is often as uncomfortable as it is empowering.
— Warrior Goddess Training, Heather Ash Amara

Speaking your truth can indeed be both uncomfortable and empowering. Some people have no reservations about speaking their minds or sharing what they are feeling, others can close up at the risk of feeling vulnerable, causing conflict, or other internal struggles. Speaking my truth is something I have never felt completely comfortable with, mostly because I fear confrontation and judgement.

Being a people pleaser, I wanted to avoid situations where my thoughts would cause a disagreement or where I felt judged by my opinions or choices. I would often change my “truth” or more often remain silent when things were out of my comfort zone. After reflecting on this practice of disguising my truth, I realized it was not beneficial to myself or others. I started making a very conscious effort to start being more honest in my communication and the difference was remarkable.
The results of speaking your truth are immediate. A weight seems to be lifted, and you can stand a little taller and feel a little prouder, that my friends, is empowering. When have you felt empowered by speaking your truth? 


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