We feel ugly, defeated, down, hopeless and we harm ourselves with razors and although it sounds silly, the pain of the razor cutting our skin gives us a feeling of release. It feels like we're able to take a sigh of relief. These scars on our arms, wrists, legs, they heal…but do the scars on the inside heal?

The pain we carry on the inside doesn't seem to go away. Our hearts always carry the pain, our minds always replay the memories, our brain likes to throw negativity our way when our day seems to be going fine. The scars within never go away. We need to be strong, have hope, come together and say NO to depression, say NO to anxiety, say NO to suicidal thoughts - we, as a whole, can kick its a**!

We are not alone, even though we may think so. We could be standing next to someone on the train who just sliced his wrist last night because he's heartbroken but we'll never know it. We are not alone, we are all fighting our own battles. We are not crazy, we are not weird, we are not sick. We are amazing, we are strong, we are fearless, WE ARE NOT ALONE!

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