So many times we hear stories of people "suffering" with mental illnesses. But often times it didn't feel like suffering. It felt like coping in silence. Which I guess to some extent is the same thing. Since I was 12 I knew something was off about me. I was forced to grow up fast and become an adult quickly. After my parents divorced it was like I saw my "perfect" world crumble before my eyes and I was in a dark place, which no one could save me from. I reached out to get help but counsellors told me my feelings were invalid and weren't giving me the help I needed. So for almost four years, I sat in silence. I kept my mouth shut and didn't show anyone what I was going through. I completely shut myself off from the world and didn't tell a single soul what my brain was thinking. It took me almost four years to finally receive help. Asking for help was by far the hardest thing I could do. But I couldn't continue to let this sadness rule my life. I was in a constant flip-flop of emotion and my head was constantly racing with thoughts. One night I realized I needed help.

When I finally opened up to a close friend, she saved me from doing something I would have regretted. I am now almost 16 and telling my mom I need help was the greatest decision I ever made. It taught me that mental health is a regular thing people deal with all over the world. Just because you ask for help that doesn't make you weak.

I am living with a mental illness but I am on the path to getting better. Sure, some days are hard but, on those days, asking for a little guidance and help is okay. It is always okay to need help in life. No one should suffer in silence.


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