When I was 17 years old, I tried to end my life. After my parents discovered a suicide note under my pillow, I started to receive the treatment that I so desperately needed; I was on medication and I was seeing a therapist on a regular basis, but this still wasn't enough. I then created an anonymous Twitter account to connect with others who were going through similar things as me and it was amazing to me to see how many people were struggling just like I was.

Eventually, I was inspired to help people who were suffering from mental health issues and I decided to change the name of the account and use it solely to spread awareness and help others. That same account that once saved my life is now helping hundreds of others. I've turned it into a 501c3 nonprofit movement to help raise awareness for mental illness and suicide as well as help individuals who are struggling like I once was. I'm also in the midst of working on a number of projects to continue to help others and try to make an impact in the mental health community. If there is one thing that I've learned over the years working as a passionate mental health advocate it is that you aren't alone. You may think that you are but I promise you aren't. Sometimes the most difficult times in your life end up turning into the most beautiful creations. Keep fighting.


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