I never thought I would appreciate my past experiences,

I never thought I would reach a point where I would accept and embrace it all,

Knowing that it has made me who I am, 

I am compassionate and understanding because of the things I've been through, 

When i stopped using my past to justify my wrongdoings, 

and faced myself, 

I realized it was freeing, 

I never thought I would love myself so much because of my experiences, 

I never thought I would have so much to give and so much love to share because of it all,

They have made me who I am today, 

I thank God that this was his plan for my life, 

I wouldn't have the depth that I have, 

I wouldn't be able to touch people's lives or my own the way that I do, 

Yes, it still hurts, 

Yet, it hurts less and less the more I accept and embrace it, 

Changing my behaviors to grow and learn, 

I'm thankful that I have learned to process the way that I do now, 

I am no longer a caged bird,

I am more free because I accept me, 

My past is a part of that! 

Loving myself allows me to continue to grow! 

I no longer feel the need to hide away to try to stay sane and safe,

I know there is a reason and a purpose I went through what I did, 

God has a plan,

I know I went through this to touch people's lives the way that I do, 

I never thought I would think of my past like this, 

Yet, I have never felt more free, 

So I thank God that he has allowed me to go through what I have, 

I thank God that he gave me those experiences to learn from, 

The freedom that I feel, 

In the Kingdom I am building, 

What a beauty!

I can never forget I'm blessed, 

No matter how quick a trigger from my past hits me, 

It is no longer a huge setback, 

I am able to tell myself, 

"I am happy I went through what I did,"

Allowing myself to continue to heal, 

Knowing I am getting stronger, 

Setting boundaries, 

Shedding behaviors that I used to survive, 

I am no longer in need to survive, 

I am living,

I'm alive! 

I thank God today and always for allowing me to live the life that he gave me, 


I wouldn't want it any other way, 

I never thought I would love and appreciate God for having a plan I did not understand,

But, here I am, 

Thanking you, 


For loving me for who I am,

For this life I live!



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