It all started when I was six years old my dad and mom had divorced. Dad moved to Texas and my sister and I stayed with our mom. Though I missed my dad I still felt alone and abandoned by him. One day my dad called my mom saying he wanted me for the summer. I was excited! I got to fly on a airplane by myself and everything! I even thought about what my dad I were going to do. Little did I know my dad had other plans for me.

See, my dad lied to my mom! He never was going to send me back to her. Instead he came home from work one day he proceeded to tell me he didn't want me anymore and that I couldn't go back home to my mom either. I was crying begging him not to give up on me and to send me back to my mom. Instead my dad gave me away to these people that he had known for a long time. How do you throw your child away like that! I was so heartbroken and scared as I rode off with these strangers not knowing if they were going to hurt me or not. When my mom finds out I'm not coming back home to her she gets really upset with my dad. She abandoned me too and she never came and got me. But there was some relief on my end I was never going to be molested by my dad's half brother anymore! But my life with the people who raised me was good and bad. See the so called cousins started molesting me too. I hated it! I wanted it to stop! So from the time I was six years old I had to put up with being touched by them until I was thirteen.

Having to go through that messed with my head. It even lead to doing drugs as I got older. And sometimes I do have slip ups. Since my depression has gotten worst the slip ups happen every now and then. That's why I'm so happy I came across I want to heal and take back my life! I hope that who ever reads my story of what I went through as a child and the depression I'm going through now. I hope you learn from it. Know that if you are going through any of what I went through as a child or you suffer from depression. You have a voice don't be afraid to stand up and fight for yourself! We are all strong human beings we are warriors! And no this when i was little I wanted to be loved as a child!! Well guess what? I have three beautiful girls that show me love and give me love and I do the same to them! So as you can see no matter what bad happens to us in life good things will happen in the end! 


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