I have enough, I do enough, I am enough.
— I Am That Girl, Alexis Jones

Tracy Lingwai

Tracy Lingwai

Occasionally I will come across a book that has too many powerful quotes to highlight just one (at least for now), I Am That Girl is one of them.  I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones is the epitome of girl power for the 21st century. It's all about breaking through self- doubt, embracing our weaknesses and proudly admitting yes, I am that girl. 

Author and international speaker, Alexis Jones, states she wrote IATG because “I’m tired of feeling inadequate, desperate for approval, and chronically insecure.” Do you ever feel this way? I know I do. I was immediately drawn to the books title because so often we hear the phrase “she’s that girl” and more often than not, it carries a negative tone. It can come from insecurities or judgment of others for being something we secretly long to be, a public disapproval but a secret desire. She’s that girl who goes to the gym every day, who can juggle a demanding job and still finds time to save the world, that girl who looks like perfection no matter what.

In short, this book is about acceptance and encouragement, that “I have enough, I do enough, I am enough.” It is not about comparing our successes and failures to those around us but accepting that our journey is unique and that by showing up and doing the best we can, we are more than enough. When we accept who we are we are giving others courage to do the same. By supporting others in our lives and encouraging them to be powerful and bold we are creating more space for the human race to shine. In a world where we can subconsciously (or consciously) view others successes as our failures, it is important to know that the accomplishments of others in no way diminishes us. We are all extraordinary beings.

This powerful girl guide is full of stories and personal life lessons from both Alexis and more than thirty other women. Creating passion and compassion, dancing to your own drum, dreaming big, resilience, learning from others and being of service are just some of the topics covered. It is the type of book you want to revisit time and time again because the stories will always be inspiring and the lessons learned will be a little different after each read. Is there a characteristic of yourself that you are proud to say yes, I am that girl? Or one that was challenging to accept but makes you beautifully you? 


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