I came out at age 18. At first it was hard. I didn't know how people would react, or even how my whole family would react. Come to find out my family was very accepting. They had all all ready knew. Which made me more comfortable. Most of my friends had known. I was like why did you not tell me. Their response was it's up to you to tell us. We didn't want to pressure you. Or upset you. It has now been 7 years since I came out. I have now come to a point where I am comfortable with my sexuality. My advice to people who are afraid to come out is this. Never be afraid to show who you are. This world we live in is slowly becoming more used to the fact that no one is the same. Love has no barriers. Love has no gender. So if you ever feel like you're alone. You are not. You are all loved. With more support than you may realize. Once you get to the point where you are comfortable it makes your life so much easier. So always remember. Be who you are. Live life with a positive vibe.


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