I want to tell you my journey with my mental health, since I was 13 I have suffered from Tourettes, Anxiety and Depression, with some Self Harm along the way (and self esteem issues). All throughout high school I was bullied but through that I found artwork to be a peaceful way to vent and let my frustrations out. I like to go on Pinterest but also draw my own inspirations. I developed my art skills in grade 9 art class (I was VERY bad!) Fast forward to a 28 year old, I still have mental health issues, but I have graduated college from the Early Childhood Education program with HONOURS and have an awesome job now. I still use my artwork every day with the kids at work but also in my every day life when my depression or anxiety is acting up. It's a way to relieve my stress and cope. I hope that this little story has inspired you to never give up, I never thought I would go to college, let along graduate with honours! You have this, you are strong, as one of my tattoos say "And in time, this too shall pass."

You can view more of Michael’s work here.

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