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When taking in poetry on page, you take in every bit of the authors work through text. Voice, passion, and everything you feel is taken in through the page (and when it resonates with you) it can change your perspective on the world around you, and maybe even how you feel about poetry in general.

As we were making the audio project #ProjectCastAway, we kept in mind that when adding music to this project, it needed to convey raw emotion. It was important to all of us creating this project that you heard what the musicians felt, and it resonated with the listener the same way the words do.

The poem “God Bless America” is an excellent example of this.

I read the poem to all of the musicians before we started recording, and talented group of individuals played what came to their heart when it touched their ears. That is one of the reasons that this project has taken so much time to create, Because you can feel every piece of it, and I am excited for the visuals to add to this experience!

Collin Pompey (Guitarist) let what can only be described as America scream from his strings. The Drummer (Nick Baxter) portrayed the image of us all marching, falling in line, each time his sticks caressed the kit. Keith Kelsey (Flute) brought to life what I can only describe as the melody before the fight, before we charged into the unknown. And Andre Ford A.k.a. Skeezus (Producer) laid the foundation of it all, and really created the soil that caressed all of our feet as we pressed forward. When meeting with the video production team, they wanted to create a visual for one of my poems that would make people think, challenge complacency, and make people look inward.

When suggesting what poem we should use “God Bless America” immediately came to my mind. This poem is about my experiences with anti-depressants, how I see so many people around me fluidly functioning with and without pharmaceutical drugs.

At 14 I was diagnosed with Anxiety, Bi-Polar, and Depression. Growing up with a challenging childhood, I can remember very little times where I felt “Complete”. More times than I can count I felt torn, like multiple people, and everyone telling me what I should/shouldn’t do – without being encouraged to look inward. I was told I was sick, and it made me feel just that. I am excited for this poem to show people that feel, think, or have been in the same shoes that they aren’t alone. That our drug industry has many benefits, but that we shouldn’t normalize industry – and by doing so it primarily benefits those at the top of the pyramid, far more than it helps us as individuals.

I am excited for this audio project, and visual project to finally be complete.

For this chapter of my life to finally have a voice, face, and a sound; I am overjoyed that years of not feeling whole can create something concrete, and potentially be a foundation for others.


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