I became a Nurse to help others like me, to treat them the way I wish/wanted to be treated when I needed help, to help them be the best they can be. 
you see, I know what it's like to have trouble paying for meds, what it's like having side effects of medication and how they can make a person act when they have to switch meds (because it takes time to find the right meds). I know how hard it is to find the right doctor/therapist, our town doesn't have a huge amount of options and I didn't like the ones I had. I may have to drive to another county and it took me years but I found her and she believed in me despite the doubts I had in myself. 
Thanks to her and my support team I achieved a dream I thought I would never get to. 
I hope I can be the nurse that helps people believe in themselves again, helps them find the right resources, be apart of the support team that help them reach their goal, not only while they are in my care but even after they are gone, because no matter what issues you have going on in your head, your still a person, with feeling, goals, and dreams. My patient and me are the same, we are human, I want for them what I want for me, care that helps them achieve their dreams. 

When my dad saw this paper he asked me if it was gonna affect my job, and I instantly said no, (because I really hadn't thought about it). 
When I got to orientation I was amazed at the support I received, not only from my coworkers but also the unit supervisor she was open to my ideas for groups and right then I knew I was gonna love this job and the changes that were coming.
Then to top it off the new CEO gave me a copy of this newspaper, congratulated me, and told me they were glad I choose Rutherford regional to be apart of!!!! 
And here I am thinking "she knows I have a mental illness and she is still glad to have me!!!!"I was so honored in that moment that they gave me this chance to care for others like me, that they are giving me then chance to help others like me. I haven't even officially started on the floor and I already know this was where God meant for me to be, this why I was given the second chance I was given. 

My mental illness didn't keep me from being a nurse, but it helped me know what kind of nurse I want to be. And I am so grateful for this chance to help those in my community and do what I love.

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